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Jeddah Landmarks

THE GLOBE ROUND ABOUT – Another well known tourist attraction situated at the junction of King’s Road and the road leading to the airport is the Globe Roundabout. This famous landmark, made of glass and steel has been designed by Spanish architect, Julio Lefuante. It provides the most spectaculat views at night, as it is illuminated by colourful lights that display the image of the global map.

BIET NASSIF – Walking through the old city of Jeddah, you will come across an ancient structure that goes by the name of Biet Nassif. It is the most stunning epitome of ancient Arabic architecturial style blended with a modern insight.

JEDDAH LIGHT– Jeddah Light has a proud boast that has its home s the tallest lighthouse in the world. Located on the coast of the Red Sea in the city of Jeddah, it is a staggering 436feet with the Jeddah light at 113m high. The lighhouse works as acontrol room for Jeddah’s port and harbour. The light tower looks beautiful at night.

SHEIKH ENANY MOSQUE – Located on the Corniche, this mosque was built by Sheikh Hassan Mohammed Khalil Anany. It took him three years to complete it, from 1982 until August 1985.

BICYCLE SQUARE (MIDDAN ADDARAJAH) – The world’s largest bicycle is actually a sculptor on the Bicycl Roundabout in Jeddah. Another archeological gift to the city of Jeddah by Julio Lefuante, this sculptor is 15m in height and 25metres wide. It was made in the early eighties purely from scrap metal.

AL SHALAL THEME PARK – Also known as “Fakieh Poultry Farms” one of the major features of this park is the theme area. The entertainment venue has two storeys and features an ice skating rink and the Amazon Ride. The skating rink is popular for young visitors whilst the Amazon Ride spreads over 1800sq metres, with a 15m high waterfall. It also has the Amazon Jungle with life sized animal figures with light and sound effects.

RED SEA MALL – Also known as the largest shopping mall in Jeddah, the Red Sea Mall is the ideal feast for shoppers and public alike. Located in the northern suburb of Jeddah, it covers approximately 242,200 square metres of built area. It is home to the biggest indoor water fountain as well as having the largest glass covered area in Saudi Arabia. It is not called the largest shopping mall in Jeddah for no reason – A seven storey work of superb architecture, it is home to the five star Elaf Hotel. It is the one place in Jeddah that sees a footfall of 52 million visitors every year, who come wither for the shopping or entertaining experience or simply to relax in the superb hotel. The mall is home to all the major brands of the world, providing that ultimate shopping experience.