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All about Photographed Cities in The World

  1. New York City (USA): New York is a state of north-eastern United States and most popular photographed city. It offers so many attractive travel destinations and landmarks such as sprawling central park, sky scrapers (Empire State Building). This atmospheric city offers 24 hours photos opportunities where you can take shot according to your choice.
  2. London: London (capital of England) is a tourist hotspot and city that offers you the opportunities of unique and diverse photography. There are some of the best places to shoot in London are described next. Such as national gallery, brick lane in the east, Portobello road, and you can also shoot on the move from boat on Thames River.
  3. Florence: Florence is the city in Italy with so many renaissance arts and architectures with perfect sunrise and sunset for perfect pictures. This city is made up with ancients and modern together and with most iconic sights such as Duomo and bell tower by Giotto.
  4. Monte Carlo (Monaco): Monte Carlo provides outstanding seascapes and beaches for the tourist enjoyment and photography. It is famous as gambler’s paradise and most photographed site with flashy cars, luxury hotels and casinos. If you want a majestic picture then capture it from Monaco surrounding hills that give overlook of city.
  5. Rome: This city is steeped in history and capital of Italy ranks as second most photographed city according photo services of Google. It offers wonderful architectures, ancient ruins and beautiful iconic sights. Such as forum (power of roman empire) and Vatican city with church and museums.