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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Road Trips Ideal For Backpackers

Spiti to Delhi
This is a standout amongst the most wonderful roads for your cruiser motorbike. With the sun playing hide and seek as you progress on your journey along as the day propels you just notice that the road is a standout amongst the most lovely roads in India, and will leave you feeling altogether fulfilled. Get ready for a great deal of Photography sessions while out and about! In the event that you don’t have your own vehicle, there is no compelling reason to sweat as you can without much of a stretch hop in a Spiti to Delhi taxi. There is a huge accessibility of them.
Jaipur to Jaisalmer
Drive along far the hundreds of years old Silk Road as you whizz past the Western India sands. The drive from Jaipur to Jaisalmer is lined with towns and villages that embrace you with wide warms. Revel in the dynamic quality and rich society of the parent state as you drive along the RJ SH 19 road. Do make it a point to stop at Jodhpur and have a visual treat of the famous Rajasthani legacy. Along the way you will also come across the Kumbalgarh Fort and the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Make sure you visit them, they are simply worth.
Leh to Delhi
On the off chance that you need to do it right, the motorbikes are the best vehicles to ride over the awe-inspiring road. Keep in mind to carry along petrol with you as motorbikes smolder through more fuel than expected at higher heights. The trip offers natural magnificence in wealth, dhabas, and religious places of worship. Find your internal identity in the midst of peacefulness as the cool wind strokes your cheeks. In spite of the fact that it can be debilitating, unpleasant, erratic, this road trip is something you can’t stand to miss. In the event that you can’t ride a motorbike the entire time it is perfect that you hire a Leh to Delhi taxi and cover the trip at the back seat savoring the adventure without bounds.

Golden Triangle Tours Of The World


The golden triangle tour in America includes San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It makes for a fascinating way to explore America’s natural and man-made wonders. One gets the chance to see Alcatraz, Lombard Street, Coit Tower and Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, be dazzled by the casinos, events, performances, museums, aquariums and art exhibits in Las Vegas, and get a glimpse of true glamour in Hollywood. The different historical monuments, parks, museums and galleries in L.A. are also worth visiting.


The golden triangle tour in North India, is one of the best for travellers to take since it gives one a taste of the true heritage of India.The destinations in this tour includeNew Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. One gets to visit the majestic palaces of the Mughals and Rajput kings, witness the beauty that is the Taj Mahal and marvel at the capital’s monuments and attractions. It is one of the most comprehensive North India tours available in the country. A lesser known golden triangle tour also exists in the eastern part of India that connects Bhubaneshwar, Puri and Konark.


Another amazing golden triangle tour is in China that lets tourists explore the spectacular landmarks and monuments in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. While both Beijing and Shanghai are metropolises, they are home to a number of fascinating cultural and historical attractions such as the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, Yu Garden, Oriental Pearl Tower and Jade Buddha Temple. Xian also boasts of a number of attractions, primary among them being the famous Terracotta Army and the spectacular Drum Tower.

All about Photographed Cities in The World

  1. New York City (USA): New York is a state of north-eastern United States and most popular photographed city. It offers so many attractive travel destinations and landmarks such as sprawling central park, sky scrapers (Empire State Building). This atmospheric city offers 24 hours photos opportunities where you can take shot according to your choice.
  2. London: London (capital of England) is a tourist hotspot and city that offers you the opportunities of unique and diverse photography. There are some of the best places to shoot in London are described next. Such as national gallery, brick lane in the east, Portobello road, and you can also shoot on the move from boat on Thames River.
  3. Florence: Florence is the city in Italy with so many renaissance arts and architectures with perfect sunrise and sunset for perfect pictures. This city is made up with ancients and modern together and with most iconic sights such as Duomo and bell tower by Giotto.
  4. Monte Carlo (Monaco): Monte Carlo provides outstanding seascapes and beaches for the tourist enjoyment and photography. It is famous as gambler’s paradise and most photographed site with flashy cars, luxury hotels and casinos. If you want a majestic picture then capture it from Monaco surrounding hills that give overlook of city.
  5. Rome: This city is steeped in history and capital of Italy ranks as second most photographed city according photo services of Google. It offers wonderful architectures, ancient ruins and beautiful iconic sights. Such as forum (power of roman empire) and Vatican city with church and museums.

About Travelling To Lucknow

Historically, Lucknow was the capital of the Awadh region and controlled by the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughals Later, the Nawabs of Awadh took over. After the defeat of the region by Lord Clive, the East India Company took control. In 1857, it came under British rule. After several decades in independent India (since 1947), it has become the 74th fastest growing city in the world.

Lucknow is the anglicized name of the old name Lakhnau. The name is believed to have been in honor of Lakshman, the brother of Lord Rama, in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Lucknow is served by many railway stations. The main Lucknow Railway station (Charbhag) has an imposing building built in 1923. It is the Northern Railway division’s head quarters. The second long distance railway station in Lucknow is the Lucknow Junction run by the North Eastern railways. Lucknow is connected to all major cities of India.

The city has a total of 14 stations and all are connected to meter gauge and broad gauge railways. There is a suburban train connection to city of Kanpur. You can order for Food Delivery in train at Lucknow with online services like They help deliver Food in train at Lucknow.



• Ambedkar memorial: Located in Gomati Nagar and dedicated to Dalit leaders like B.R. Ambedkar. It was built of red sand stone from Rajasthan.

• Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park: Jogging area and recreational park

• Swarna Jayanti Smriti Vihar Park: Jogging and recreational park

Historic Places:

• Bada Imambara and Bhool Bhulliaya: Built in 1783, it is a large tomb complex. It features crumbling edifices of Mughal architecture.

• Rumi Darwaza

• Chota Imambara: Built in 1837 by Nawab of Oudh as a grand mausoleum

• La Martiniere College: One of the oldest schools in the country (started in 1845)

• Hussainabad Clock tower

• Lucknow Residency: Scene of massacre of British in the 1857 Indian Mutiny

• Dilkusha ruins

• Kukrail Crocodile sanctuary

• Qaiserbagh complex

• Botanical gardens

• Buddha park

• Indira Gandhi planetarium

• Shaheed smarak

• Deva Sharif: Attracts pilgrims of all religions

• Nawabganj bird sanctuary: On Kanpur- Lucknow road